Seasearch run a number of schemes aimed at recorders of various levels of experience, expertise and engagement. These are grouped under 4 headings.

Seasearch training courses are a great first step to dive into the world of underwater biodiversity recording.


Seasearch Ireland training consists of the Observer Course, the Surveyor Course, Adopt a Site workshops or a Specialist Courses. The Observer course is the usual first step for someone interested in developing their skills as a recorder before progressing to Surveyor and finally Seasearch Tutor. The National Marine Monitoring Scheme training is aimed at those who wish to record as a group at their local site and to track changes to local marine flora and fauna.

Specialist courses are just that, focusing on a particular taxonomic group (e.g. anemones, fish, nudibranchs, algae, sea squirts etc.) or on a particular topic. Specialist courses are offered either when sufficient demand exists for a course on a particular taxonomic group, or on an ad-hoc basis, where an expert in a particular taxonomic has become available to present a course.

For more information on Seasearch training visit our training page

Species Identification

The most important tool in a recorders kit is his or her own personal knowledge. Then good eyesight, a patient dive buddy, a site with good biodiversity and a clean mask! But after all that the most important tool is the resources to identify what you’re seeing. This can take the form of books, websites, identification sheets or scientific keys.

For more information on the various resources available to those interested in marine identification visit our Species Identification page