Adopt your site

A national monitoring scheme

In 2016 we began a pilot scheme to devise a monitoring program for inshore coastal sites and this scheme continues to evolve over the years. The idea is to collect more scientifically robust data in a manner that is more accessible to divers who may not have time to dedicate to Seasearch surveying. This scheme also provides an opportunity for recorders to contribute to the KelpRes project.

What’s involved?

The National Marine Monitoring Scheme involves 5 visits to a single sites across the summer months (May, June, July, August and September) though records from all months are welcome. Divers record from a list of ~100 common species and basic information about the dive (max depth, duration, time).

Jewel anemones and Deadman’s fingers – Photo credit Lucinda Keogh

Picking a site

The key to the Adopt a Site is obviously the site. A suitable site would be

  • Easily accessible (preferably a shore dive)
  • Accessible all year around (not heavily tidal or weather dependent)
  • Frequently dived (in the case of clubs the training site would be recommended)
  • Consistent route (that the profile of the dive is repeated as close as possible each time)

Making it your own

List of species and groups recorded as part of National Marine Monitoring Scheme (species in yellow only added to species list in 2020)

The key to this project is divers taking ownership of their local dive site. While Seasearch Ireland will provide any and all help we can and data will be analysed on a national basis there is no substitute for local knowledge.

How to get involved

Anyone can sign up to the Adopt their local site just email to pick a site (see map below) and then get recording. Seasearch Ireland will organise training to get you up to speed with the species list, though in the case of existing Seasearch surveyors training can be skipped if necessary.

Adopt a site scheme