Latest Past Events

Sponge workshop

Galway Atlantaquarium Galway

Dr Maria Vittoria Marra will be presenting this introduction to sponge identification. Though sponges are one of the most commonly seen species by divers they are extremely under recorded and make up only 8% of Seasearch records in Ireland. This in depth course will cover the range of sponges in Irish waters and some of ... Read more


Seasearch Observer Course – Kerry

Waterville, Co Kerry Waterville

Course content: Find out about the Seasearch project Gain a basic grounding in marine recording Learn how to recognise and classify marine habitats Learn how to complete the Seasearch Observation Form by watching a ‘video dive’ Complete two dives (or snorkels) with a Seasearch tutor This is an introductory course aimed at giving divers and ... Read more

Rays in Irish waters with Maya Harries of The Ray Project

Skates, more commonly known as rays, are a demersal fish that lay eggs on the seabed in shallow waters. Each species of skate is believed to have different nursery habitats; their behaviour and specific environment are still lacking in understanding. Over 70% of Irish native skates are classed as Near Threatened, Endangered or Critically Endangered ... Read more