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Fair Seas: Ireland’s journey to 30×30

Ireland is lagging behind neighbouring and European Union (EU) countries in terms of the quantity and quality of its Marine Protected Area (MPA) network. Despite a Government commitment to delivering 10% of Irish waters as protected by 2020, increasing to 30% by 2030, Ireland’s MPAs currently extend to only 8.3% of our seas, with little ... Read more


Biogenic habitats in Ireland

Talk by Dr. Jose Maria Farinas-Franco of ATU Habitats created by shellfish are complex biogenic structures rich in marine life and integral to the ecological functioning of our seas. These habitats, truly hotspots of biodiversity, are highly sensitive to human impacts, especially from overfishing and the use of mobile fishing gears, and recover poorly without ... Read more


Online talk – Gobies, Gurnards and Dragonets – small fish puzzlees

Online talk by Lin Baldock, Seasearch co-ordinator and fish ID expert this talk will be about pointers to identifying some common, small Irish fishes. This talk is aimed at those already relatively comfortable with identifying small fish to genus in the water and assumes that participants are able to recognise these three groups. Session will ... Read more