Welcome to Seasearch Ireland

Seasearch is a project for divers and snorkelers, who have an interest in what they’re seeing under water, want to learn more and want to help protect the marine environment around the coasts of Ireland and the UK. Marine conservation is a topic that is garnering more and more attention in recent years and divers are uniquely placed to be the eyes and ears for tracking changes in our inshore marine environment.

Our main aim is to map out the various types of sea bed found in the near-shore zone around the whole of Ireland and the UK. In addition we are recording what lives in each area, establishing the richest sites for marine life, the sites where there are problems and the sites which need protection.

Seasearch Ireland operates an open source data policy so all records submitted go to the National Biodiversity Data Centre and are freely available to view via their online mapping system. The National Biodiversity Data Centre is a national organisation for the collection, and management of data on Ireland’s biological diversity.