Citizen science in Irish waters

Talk to mark World Ocean day a short talk on the work of Seasearch Ireland and why citizen science is so important for measuring inshore biodiversity.


Algae identification

Workshop on how to identify, press and appreciate the importance of the common seaweeds in Irish waters by Dr Kathryn Schoenrock of the KelpRes project. To book a place email


Kelp ecology talk

Talk on the importance of Kelp ecosystems in an Irish context and on the exciting work undertaken by the KelpRes project in advancing our understanding of this keystone species. This will be an online talk held on Zoom to book a place email or leave a comment below with your name and email address.

Site monitoring in Irish waters (pt 1)

The National Marine Monitoring Scheme uses an informal survey methodology combining the existing Seasearch methodology with a list of bench mark species to be monitored at each site. Sites are selected by participants themselves to facilitate repeat sampling. Abundance is then measured for each species using a simple coded system SCOR (Super-abundant, Common, Occasional, Rare). ... Read more Site monitoring in Irish waters (pt 1)