Greystones Camera project

Project summary

To deploy underwater cameras to observe the mobile fauna present in Greystones Harbour. SCUBA divers from Wicklow Aquanauts will deploy static underwater cameras to monitor the activity of fish and crustacean species. The video footage collected will be used to create a short promotional videos highlighting the marine biodiversity of Greystones Harbour.

Objectives of Project

1.            Document mobile fauna found in Greystones Harbour

2.            Produce a video of Greystones Harbour fish life

3.            Demonstrate the capacity for collecting and analysis of video photograph to promote marine inshore biodiversity in Ireland

Example of video collected from Greystones Harbour


SCUBA divers from Wicklow Aquanauts will deploy Go Pro Heros mounted on 2kg dive weights which will be placed at marked spots in Greystones Harbour and left in situ for a period of 2 hours. Cameras will then be collected by SCUBA divers and video downloaded for analysis. Video footage will be analysed with the numbers and type of mobile fauna recorded. Where possible, individuals will be identified to species level (in the case of Gobius species and Pomatoschistusspecies to genus level). Results will be collated and analysed.

Wicklow Aquanauts

Wicklow Aquanauts are a SCUBA club based in Greystones Harbour where their clubhouse is located. They dive all year round and as well as diving all around Ireland, we organise dive trips all over the world. Since 2017 they have recorded biodiversity at Greystones Harbour by adopting this site as part of the National Marine Monitoring Scheme.

Project funding

The equipment used in this project was originally purchased for use in the Serpula project and was awarded as part of the 2021 funding call for the NPWS grants for small recording projects. Funding for this grant scheme is provided by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.