Recorder of the Year

Inaugural recorder of the year award

To better highlight the work of our dedicated recorders and to say thanks for all your hard work 2022 will see our first annual recorder of the year award. The prize will go to the recorder who submits the most forms from dive sites in the Republic of Ireland from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

The prize will be a framed print of the artwork below by Irish artist CiaraĆ­och, along with the respect and admiration of your peers. Forms for all Seasearch recording schemes will be included (and each member of a club or group can count each National Marine Monitoring Scheme form towards their total) though a Surveyor form will count double due to the extra work involved. While we’re aware that some people are in the habit of sending forms in towards the end of the year we’d encourage people to regularly update us on their progress so we can keep a running total and post a leader board below.

We will contact everyone who submits a record to check they are happy to be included in the competition before posting any details to website or social media.

Good luck, happy recording and don’t get captured!

Ireland’s Aquatic Life